Can We Agree That the Killing Needs to Stop?

I grew up handling guns. I’ve enjoyed shooting and I’m good at it, at least I was until I developed cataracts.  But…

Enough is enough.  Actually, we’re way past the “enough” line here.  Let’s do something about the availability of deadly weapons.  I’m sick of NOTHING being done to address this ongoing problem.

I am sickened at how many people are dying. Aren’t you?  I’m also sick of the hysterical, simple minded arguments. Forcing people to pray in school, more spankings in the home, taking away video games, and arming teachers…. I’m sorry friends but these are just stupid…, even crazy. They’re not even worth debating. 

It’s time for the grownups to talk about this in mature fashion.

Why is it so controversial to say, “Hey, let’s make sure that the crazy homicidal people can’t get guns that will massacre our children.”? 

Is it a complicated issue? Then let’s put some of our best minds together to hash out the logistics, 

Are there other things to focus on? Of course!  It’s disgraceful how we’ve neglected the mentally ill and we need to do better. A lot better.  But first we need to take their guns from them. 

Let’s move this conversation along. Can we start by agreeing that the killing needs to stop? And can we agree that it’s going to take some drastic measures to accomplish this? 

Good. Then let’s get on with it.  


One thought on “Can We Agree That the Killing Needs to Stop?

  1. Absolutely correct, David. I’m a teacher in Canada — I am appalled that a President (and I use the term loosely) would even suggest such a thing. Even more appalled at the level of stupid that is being played out on the media; the fact that anyone is even discussing such an insane idea just has me head shaking. When is this national disgrace – the idea that someone’s right to own a gun supersedes student safety – going to end?? I’m behind those students demanding change 100% – those young people are the adults in the room.

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